What is Physical Security?

Physical security is an integral part of any business’ productivity, whether you are a start up or multinational employer. Securing, understanding, implementing and maintaining effective management of your company’s assets, revenue, infrastructure and personnel are critical to ensuring your business continues to operate and remain profitable during times of crisis.

Operational Resilience

At Raven Global Solutions, we recognise physical security and operational resilience are not mutually exclusive, which is why we have created the Operational Resilience Assessment; combining both solutions into a co-ordinated and concise assessment. Our Operation Resilience surveyors will understand your business’ inputs, processes and outputs, whilst identifying all critical components and essential services that enable your business to operate.

We speak from experience

Our team of surveyors are highly experienced specialists with years of employment within the Defence Critical National Infrastructure (DCNI) concept for the Ministry of Defence. Having decades of experience in undertaking DCNI surveys, both in the UK and within operational environments, our surveyors have an array of different solutions to overcome challenging scenarios facing your business.

What we will cover

As part of our Operational Resilience Assessment (ORA), we take a holistic approach to your business, taking time to learn about your organisation and understand your critical components and essential services. The ORA will include:

  • A review of all the physical security components of the inspected area
  • A review of all security policies and procedures, including control of entry, escorting, security education and training, security operating procedures for Communication Information Systems (CIS), acceptable use policies, amongst others
  • A full site survey

The Result

On completion of our assessment, your organisation will be provided with a comprehensive report, outlining areas of concern and providing full, cost effective and proportionate courses of action, mitigating risks to your business output.

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