What is Personnel Security?

The easiest methods for competitors to gain sensitive information from your business is to target your employees via a number of diverse and very effective methods. At Raven Global Solutions, personnel security means safeguarding your employees against possible threats, both in cyberspace and the real world.

Why is it important?

Your personnel are the lifeblood of your business and are essential to its success. The pressures of having their identities stolen or be the victim of blackmail will have a profound effect on their effectiveness at work and their trustworthiness. Targeting employees is generally performed outside of the business, away from the security of your controlled environment. Targeting, in most cases, occurs on several fronts:

Social Media

Extremely easy to gather open source intelligence on an individual and accounts, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Some examples of intelligence gained may include:

  • Home and work address
  • Spouse/Partner’s employment
  • Children’s schools and clubs
  • Names and identities of family and friends
  • Email and telephone numbers
  • Hobbies, activities and interests

An individual’s personality can be assessed, which may lead to identifying passwords and the adoption of social engineering tactics. During many cases of identity theft, 80% of the information required can be gathered from an individual’s online footprint.

Social Engineering

Occurs by using various techniques in manipulation to glean intelligence or gain access to restricted areas; identifying an individual from their online presence and researching their interests/background makes this process much easier.

In cases of identity theft, social engineering refers to contacting organisations, such as banks, and posing as the soon-to-be victim. At this stage, the thief already has most, if not all, of the information required and may have assessed passwords, security numbers and answers to security questions.

Insider Threat

The Insider threat is ever increasing for businesses across a whole range of industries as competitors  and foreign intelligence services engage in corporate espionage and intellectual property theft. Employees may be befriended or bribed, before being coerced into performing activities contrary to your business’ codes of practice. This may be a result of:

  • Blackmail – public embarrassment, outing of criminal activities etc
  • Emotional blackmail – an example includes a potential love interest threatens leaving the individual unless they perform certain actions
  • Financial – an individual is enticed by financial gain

Some people may keep secrets from you, the employer, or their loved ones, such as addictions (gambling, alcohol, drugs) or extra-marital affairs. The ability to communicate and gamble electronically is extremely simple, but this leads to exposing of these vulnerabilities, which can be used for blackmail and/or to embarrass the individual and/or the organisation.

What We Offer

At Raven Global Solutions, we will provide detailed analysis of your employee’s online footprint and the risks to them and your business. We can provide cost-effective, yet beneficial, education packages, aimed at protecting your employees, their families and, fundamentally, your business interests.

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