What is Crisis Management?

In times of crisis it is necessary for senior management teams to take control and lead their organisation to safety. These events could be as benign as a power outage or as disruptive as a full scale denial of service attack. The effectiveness of management during such situations requires thorough knowledge and understanding of policies and procedures relating to business continuity, disaster recovery and incident management. Regular testing, evaluation and improvement is required to gain experience and meet the latest threats that are becoming ever more prevalent.

Why is Crisis Management important?

The current security threat from state actors, script kiddies and criminals has increased the exposure of most organisations to threats that didn’t exist a few years ago.  Crisis management events are a comprehensive test of your business continuity plans, disaster recovery plans and incident management processes.  If practised regularly, senior management will have the necessary experience to react to all eventualities promptly and efficiently without delay or confusion.

What we provide

Crisis management events enable senior management to ascertain the correct command processes and refine communications techniques for  both internal and external purposes. Our comprehensive crisis management package includes:

  • Enclosed virtual network with real-time incidents
  • Simulated media coverage
  • Realistic threat scenarios based on your business’ operations
  • Red and blue team exercises
  • Complete post-event report with lessons learnt and recommendations for improvement
  • Post-event forum with full debrief on proceedings

The Outcome

With your senior management plans and processes fully tested your organisation will be ready to face the threat if and when it strikes!

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