What is Computer Network Defence?

Computer Network Defence (CND) is a set of policies and procedures that aim to safeguard computer networks against malicious and accidental breaches. Computer networks without adequate security measures are susceptible to denial, degradation and disruption of services, which may lead to interruption of business output and reputational damage

Why is CND Important?

In 2018, 55% of UK businesses suffered a cyber attack and two-thirds of UK businesses were categorised as cyber novices. As technology progresses, criminals and adversaries develop new and more sophisticated methods of stealing or disrupting business assets and output. Now is the time to invest in and implement computer network defence policies and procedures to mitigate threats to your computer networks and business output.

What we provide

At Raven Global Solutions, we use a number of industry-leading applications and techniques to improve and restrict your network exposure. Some of our techniques involve:

  • Penetration Testing
  • Port Control Protocol
  • Firewall operation
  • Protective monitoring
  • Red team planning and action
  • VPN implementation

The Outcome

Following our robust investigations, we will provide:

  • Full and comprehensive gap analysis report, detailing where your computer networks are falling short.
  • In addition, we will provide recommendations on how we can implement the changes needed to give you the assurance your network is meeting legal, regulation and contractual requirements and obligations.

Our Other Services

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